Drop Off and Pickup Options

Locally-Sourced and Freshly Prepared - take a look at our store!

  • "How Much Food Should I Order?" There really is no wrong answer! Menu items are listed with an "average serving amount" and are based on a 3-4 piece "standard meal" with an entree, starch, salad, and additional side. If more variety is offered to your guests, each platter will serve more people. For cocktail parties, about 4-5 appetizers and a charcuterie spread is a great place to start.
  • "Can We Rent Platters?" Yes! $6/item (depending on the item) - add them in the store! Please get those platters back to us on the TUESDAY after your event or an additional fee will apply.
  • "Do You Offer Beverages To Go?" Not yet, but keep checking back!
  • "If You Aren't Available For Delivery, Can I Pick Up?" Most of the time - yes! Select that instead of Drop Off to save some bucks too!
  • "How Much Time Should I Allow For You To Drop Off?" Select a time that is as close to the meal service as possible; just give us about 20 minutes to park, unload, and set the food out.
  • "Do You Do A Menu Display?" We'll provide hand-written labels for each item!