Drop Off and Pickup Options!

We offer locally-sourced ingredients in our freshly prepared foods for your office lunch, family gathering, or informal event. After looking over the info below, take a look at our store!

  • There really is no wrong answer to "how much food should I order." However, each menu item is listed with an "average serving amount." These serving amounts are based on a 3-4 piece "standard meal" with an entree, starch, salad, and additional side. If more variety is offered to your guests, each platter will serve more people. For cocktail parties, about 4-5 hors d'oeuvres and a charcuterie spread is a good place to start!
  • If you'd like us to supply compostable plates, utensils, and napkins, be sure to add them to your cart before checkout!
  • Platter Rental! Many clients have asked if we rent platters - we do! $6/item - (you'll see in the store) - that fee is assessed upon checkout and it is your responsibility to get those platters back to us on the TUESDAY after your event or an additional fee will apply.
  • Currently, we don't offer any beverages with our Drop Off service. We've found that it's tricky to control the quality (and temperature) of the beverages, and if we don't know that it's going to meet your expectations, we don't want to offer it as an item.
  • We're limited to about 2 deliveries per day, however, we can almost always accept a pickup order. You can save a few bucks and still get great food with that option!
  • We'll do our best to arrive at the time you select when placing an order. Be sure to give us a bit of time to load the food in and set it up (20 or so minutes).
  • Our setup includes a Kraft paper table covering with hand-written labels. For pickup orders, we'll just have the hand-written labels for you upon pickup.