Important info - please read!

Locally-Sourced and Freshly Prepared, our Drop Off Menus are made up of spectacular seasonal flavors! We'll prepare everything in our production kitchen, beautifully package your items, and deliver your order to the event site!

Placing an order is simple! Just select the items you'd like to order and check out! Once completed, we'll approve and confirm your order. You'll notice that we're working on photographing all of our menu items to make ordering even easier!

Some important info:

  • Drop Off orders require a $250 minimum for delivery. Generally, this minimum is pretty easy to meet with some of our items. Oftentimes, menus can be built for around $15 to $20/person if you'd like to keep things slim, but many guests like to offer plenty of quantity and variety! If your order does not meet $250, IT WILL NOT BE DELIVERED AND MUST BE PICKED UP FROM OUR PRODUCTION KITCHEN
  • Each menu item is listed with an "average serving amount." These serving amounts are based on a 3-4 piece "standard meal" with an entree, starch, salad, and additional side. If more variety is offered to your guests, each platter will serve more people. We use these numbers when estimating how much is needed for your event.
  • If you'd like, we'll supply compostable place settings for your guests - we'll supply these at $1/guest and it includes plates, napkins, forks, knives, etc. If this is something you'd like, be sure to add it to your order.
  • Currently, we don't offer any beverages with our Drop Off service. We've found that it's tricky to control the quality (and temperature) of the beverages, and if we don't know that it's going to meet your expectations, we don't want to offer it as an item.
  • We have a flat setup and delivery fee of $50 if you're located within 30 miles of downtown Portland. For orders more than 30 miles from downtown Portland, a special delivery may be added. We do accept pickup orders in which we waive the fee and your order may be picked up at our production kitchen in SE Portland.
  • When working out a delivery time, we'll schedule our staff to deliver your order about 30 minutes before it's to be served. This will give them adequate time (about 20 minutes) for load-in and setup. For larger orders that require more time to set up, we'll account for that when scheduling.
  • Our setup includes a Kraft paper table covering with labels and brief menu descriptions written directly on the table covering. This provides a nice visual display for the food and aides with a simple cleanup! We only require that you have a table/space cleared for us to set up on!