The Caterer: Wil Hansen, White Pepper LLC, AKA (The Caterer)
Address: 1124 NE 80th Ave, Portland, OR 97213
Phone Number: (503) 706-5658

White Pepper to arrive 2 hours prior to start time and will remain on site up to 1 hour post event time.

The Client hereby agrees to the services outlined in the quote and invoice.

- All prices that are quoted in this Catering Contract and the amount of food that will be prepared are for the amount of people listed in the quote and invoice. A final headcount should be given no later than 21 days prior to event. 

- Services of the Caterer may be secured by paying a non-refundable 50% deposit in addition to signing this contract.

- Deposits payable by cash, check; or Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover with a 3% service fee. 

- Cancellation within 7 days requires forfeiture of full contract amount. 

- The Client and Caterer hereby agree to the catering services listed in the quote and proposal provided.

- The Client hereby agrees that it is solely the caterers role in providing food and beverages for this event and the Client will not provide anything additional alongside the caterers services unless previously agreed upon by both parties. Desserts are excluded from this requirement.

- The Client hereby agrees that if alcoholic beverages are provided by the client OR the caterer, the Caterer will staff at least one certified and licensed server to monitor the consumption of alcohol. Additionally, no alcoholic beverages (unless previously agreed upon by both parties) will be allowed at the event and will be immediately removed. The Caterer and all certified and licensed servers will have final say in such matters.

- In such events that a bartender or licensed server will NOT be staffed by the caterer, a liquor liability waiver form must be signed by both parties - no exception - to release the Caterer from being held responsible from any problems, damages, or incidents resulting from alcohol consumption.

- The Caterer hereby reserves the right to make small adjustments to the menu if certain ingredients are not available due to reasons that are beyond the Caterer’s control. The Caterer will not provide left over food for the Client or the Clients guests unless previously agreed upon by both parties.

- If the Caterer is prevented or delayed from fulfilling in part or whole this Catering Contract due to war, riot, strike, and flood or by any other act of God or condition that is not within the Caterer's control and which could not be prevented, the Caterer is to refund 50% of final contract amount. The Caterer will maintain a general liability insurance policy during the term of this Catering Contract and the Client agrees to hold the Caterer harmless for any damage, theft or loss of the Caterer’s equipment, plates and utensils including any motor vehicles that may occur at the catered event by anyone attending the event.

- If either party brings a suit or other action against the other to enforce this Catering Contract or seek for damages with respect to the default of above listed obligations. The party that is ruled in favor shall be due the recovery of costs not exceeding the full amount of this contract and reasonable attorney fees.

- This contract is legally binding and payment of initial, 50% deposit, signifies acceptance of the terms and conditions of this contract listed above and secures date of event.

- This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Oregon in Multnomah County and any applicable Federal Law.