Gorge Crest Sample Menu



Take a look at the menu and the different sections below - I'd love to hear your thoughts!



  • Event Location: Gorge Crest Vineyards - White Salmon, WA

  • Start/End Time:

    • 3:30pm - Guest Arrival

    • 10:00pm - Event Concludes

  • Estimated Guest Count: 100


Reception Menu


House Cured Pork Belly Canape, Roasted Grapes, Corn Fritter, Pickled Mustard Seeds

St. André Triple Cream Brie Bite, Black Mission Figs, Spiced Hazelnuts, Bee Local's Willamette Valley Honey

Belgian Endive Cup, Sun Gold Tomato Salsa Fresca, Preserved Lemon



Cedar-Smoked On Site, Pacific Chinook Salmon, Parsley Pesto, Lemon, Shallots

Garlic-Brined Marion Acres Chicken, Grilled On Site, Heirloom Corn Relish

Grilled Maryhill Peach Salad, Arugula, Shallots, Parsley, Tarragon, Rye Crouton, Heirloom Tomato Vinaigrette

Thin Sliced Rainbow Carrot Salad, Cumin, Coriander, Cilantro, Orange, Lime

Roasted Baby New Potatoes, Fresh Garden Thyme, Jacobsen Flake Salt

Grilled Sweet Summer Corn, Sharp Olive Oil, Piment, Lime Zest


At The Bar

Strawberry Mint Magarita - Tequila, Lime, Agave, Muddled Strawberries and Mint - up

Moscow Mule - Portland Potato Vodka, Cock and Bull Ginger Beer, Lime - up

Illahe Vineyards - Dallas, Oregon - 2016 Grüner Veltliner - flowers, honeysuckle

Hyland Estates - McMinnville, Oregon - 2016 Rosé of Pinot Noir - blackberry, strawberry

Eola Hills Winery - Yamhill, Oregon - 2016 Merlot - raspberries, currants

Pfriem Brewery - Wit - Hood River, OR

Good Life Brewing - Sweet As Pacific Ale - Bend, Oregon



House Lemonade and Minted Ice Water

Extracto Coffee and Steven Smith Teas


Food & Beverages

Photo by: Mary Alice Hall

Photo by: Mary Alice Hall


From looking at our website, you already know our food is beautiful, and in our meeting, I mentioned a bit about how we source as much as possible from local farms in the region. Your menu would be no exception. Our passed hors d'oeuvres are beautifully composed and delicious bites to complement any beverage and to bring an extra wow-factor to your guests. I've chosen for you some of out most popular appetizers, they will suit your guests well and with the variety that I've chosen - they should be allergy or dietary restriction friendly. 

Your dinner menu perfectly showcases some of the Pacific Northwest's best seasonal offerings. Our cedar smoked Chinook Salmon is incredible, cooked on a cedar plank on the grill, it offers a subtle smokey flavor and is topped with our bight and light house-made parsley pesto. The other entree I've chosen for you is our famous Marion Acres chicken; garlic-brined and grilled on site, it's tender and light - perfect for a hot summers day. Our chicken is topped with our specialty barbecue sauce; unlike traditional sauces our Alabama sauce is a white, light, tangy sauce. You've got to try it! To round out your menu well I've chosen some quintessential side dishes that speak to the season and compliment your entrees well. Now, I know that not all of these items may be to your taste - remember that this menu is not set in stone and can be adjusted. If you'd like to make any changes, take a look at our Seasonal Menu and let me know. 


Below, I've also got non-alcoholic service listed for your wedding. We typically offer coffee and tea to about 50% of guests; in general, that's about how many will actually partake. We'll have water carafes on each guest table for them to help themselves to, and we'll have a non-alcoholic beverage station with the rest of the beverages.

I've chosen some of my all time favorite local wines and beer as well as some amazing summertime cocktails! Our Strawberry margaritia will be refreshing and light on a hot summers day in the gorge, and our Moscow Mule is sure to please your guests as well. When we provide bar service, we provide everything! (garnishes, mixers, beer, wine, chill buckets, keg taps, serving equipment, ice, etc)



  • Passed Hors d'Oeuvres - estimated 100 guests - $6 per guest

    • $600.00

  • Meal Service - estimated 100 guests- $36 per guest

    • $3,600.00


  • House Lemonade and Minted Ice Water - estimated 100 guests - $1 per guest

    • $100.00

  • Extracto Coffee and Steven Smith Teas - estimated 50 guests - $2.50 per guest

    • $125.00


  • Strawberry Margariata - estimated 100 served - $10 per beverage

    • $1,000.00

  • Moscow Mule - estimated 100 served - $10.00 per beverage

    • $1,000.00

  • 2016 Grüner Veltliner - 100 glasses poured - $6 per glass

    • $600.00

  • 2016 Rosé of Pinot Noir - estimated 120 glasses poured - $6 per glass

    • $720.00

  • 2016 Merlot - estimated 90 glasses poured - $6 per glass

    • $540.00

  • Pfriem Brewery, Wit - estimated 80 pours - $4 per pour

    • $320.00

  • Sweet As Pacific Ale - estimated 80 pours - $4 per pour

    • $320.00


Food and Beverage Total - $8,925.00

Service Staff

Photo by: Catalina Jean

Photo by: Catalina Jean

An event like yours requires quite a bit of staff to bring things together and execute meal service flawlessly. Our service team will arrive on site 2 hours prior to guest arrival. They'll be responsible for setting things up (tables, chairs, linens, and all place settings) for the evening. Our chef team will set up an outdoor kitchen and begin prep-work for cocktail hour and meal service. During the event, all staff will manage their stations and responsibilities. We'll assist the bar team with pouring wine at the tables and will help guests with anything they need. Once the event concludes, we'll clean all the spaces and will pack and load-out. We'd plan to be off site 1 hour post-event. All staff members are billed for 9.5 hours, (1:30pm arrival and 11pm exit).

  • Lead Server/Captain - 1 ea - $35 per hour

    • $332.50

  • Servers - 4 ea - $30 per hour

    • $1,140.00

  • Lead Chef - 1 ea - $35 per hour

    • $332.50

  • Chefs - 1 ea - $30 per hour

    • $570.00

  • Bartenders - 2 ea - $35 per hour

    • $665.00

  • Travel Fee - 2.5 hours of travel for 9 servers - $15 per hour

    • $375.00


Service Staff Total - $3,415.00

Miscellaneous Items


In this section, I've got estimations for all the rental items I believe we'll need for the event - from glassware, to plates, to table linens. We use our extensive experience in estimating quantities needed for various items. When we met, we spoke about linens for the tables - I've estimated enough for all guest tables as well as a few "extra" tables (for beverages, gifts, cocktail hour food, etc). 

  • Place Setting - qty:110 - $4 each - dinner and dessert plate, dessert fork, dinner fork, knife, and spoon

    • $440.00

  • Dinner Napkin - qty:110 - $.75 each - white

    • $82.50

  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage Glasses - qty:225 - $.60 each - 12oz chimney glass

    • $135.00

  • Wine Glasses - qty:350 - $.60 each - 15oz wine glass

    • $210.00

  • Beer Glasses - qty:160 - $.60 each - 10oz pilsner

    • $96.00

  • Cocktail Glass - qty:150 - $.60 each - 12 oz Chimney

    • $90.00

  • Cocktail Glass - qty:150 - $.70 each - Bolero

    • $119.00

  • Coffee Cups - qty:75 - $.60 each

    • $45.00

  • Guest Table Linens - qty:18 - $16.00 - 120", white, hang to the floor

    • $288.00

  • Banquet Table Linens - qty:3 - $26.00 - 8' boxcloths, white, hang to the floor

    • $78.00

  • Mobile Kitchen Setup And Supplies, Grill, Propane/Charcoal

    • $360.00

  • Rental Delivery/Setup - estimate from rental company

    • $380.00


Miscellaneous Total - $2,323.50

I know this proposal covers a lot of information. Please, take your time looking through things and reading over the text. Let me know what questions or concerns you have - I'm always glad to offer more insight into things! I'll follow up in a few days to talk about next steps and what it looks like to move forward.


Below, you'll find totals for each section.


Food and Beverages - $8,925.00

Service and Staffing - $3,415.00

Miscellaneous and Rentals - $2,323.50


Sub-Total: $14,663.50

Staff Gratuity - $50 per staff member on site - $500.00

Washington State Sales Tax - 7.7% - $1,129.08


Grand Total - $16,262.58*

*For all of our Full Service Events, we require a 50% deposit to secure our services. See here for our full terms and conditions page.