A Holiday Gathering

Seasonal Table Event


Thanks so much for contacting us about your upcoming holiday event! We've got some information for you to look over; take your time reading over the details in each section - we'd love to hear your thoughts!


EVENT Details

  • Location Parameters: Within 30 miles of downtown Portland
  • Timeframe: 3 to 6 hour service window 
  • 50 person minimum




Seasonal Table Spread

Olympia Provisions, Chop, and House-Made Charcuterie

Pacific Northwest and Imported Soft and Hard Cheeses

Grand Central Artisan Breads

Farm-Sourced Crudite - Roasted and Marinated

House-Pickled Produce, Spiced Olives, and Roasted Nuts

Various Seasonal Dips, Toppings, and Spreads


Passed Hors d'oeuvres

Fall Vegetable Tartine, Roasted Sweet Potato and Broccoli, Creamy Chèvre, Lemon Salt

House Cured Pork Belly, Roasted Grapes, Corn Fritter, Pickled Mustard Seeds



Lemonade and Minted Ice Water

Extracto Coffee and Smith Teas


At the bar

The Gin Rummy - London Dry Gin, Caña Brava Oak Aged Rum, Lemon, Lime, Honey Syrup, Bitters, Ginger Float

Illahe Vineyards - Dallas, Oregon - 2016 Viognier - apricot, honeycomb

Willful Wine Company - 2014 Jezebel Merlot - blackberry, plum, oak

The Commons Brewery - Urban Farmhouse Ale - Portland, Oregon

The Food

Photo by: Brian Rupp


From looking at our website, you already know our food is beautiful, and we source as much as possible from local farms in the region. Your menu would be no exception. The Seasonal Table service is perfect for open-house style events, and cocktail parties.

Our Seasonal Table is an incredible display of foods from local purveyors, farms, and house-made items! When setting up the food, variety is key.; an awesome blend of flavors, textures, colors, and items is what makes our Seasonal Table so special. There is something for everyone and it truly is a feast for the eyes!  

Not only will you have our amazing, delicious and beautiful Seasonal Table spread but we will also provide two passed appetizers to mix it up. The chef's choice of the most incredible and seasonally selected hors d'oeuvres from our menu would be passed throughout the duration of your event by our servers, providing an elevated feel to the evening. You would also receive non-alcoholic beverages dispensed from out vintage, patina decanters. 

Beverage Service

Tending a bar is no minor task; our bartenders are skilled, professional, and friendly. We typically like to have a bartender for every 60 or so guests at an event. Occasionally, depending on the mix of cocktails and other drinks and additional bartender may be required. The bartenders will be responsible for setting things up. Once Happy Hour is over, we'll clean all our spaces and will pack and load-out. You would also receive non-alcoholic beverages dispensed from our vintage, patina decanters. 

Service Staff

Photo by: Catalina Jean

Commitment to excellence

When you book a Seasonal Table event with us, we'll staff 1-2 event attendants depending on the size of your event.

We arrive about 1.5 to 2 hours prior to guest arrival. This gives us adequate time to unload our setup items and food, locate where the food is to be displayed, and start staging and setting things up! During the event, our staff will be responsible for upkeep of the food, refilling items as necessary, keeping the display tidy and clearing cocktail plates and napkins as needed. Once the event concludes, or meal service is complete - our staff will take down the food display, pack, and load our things. We're always careful about leaving the space cleaner than when we arrived!

Our staff has a reputation for being the most helpful crew in Portland. When we're through with our setup and have extra time or hands, we'll be glad to offer a helping hand wherever needed!


  • Seasonal Table Event - $10/person/hour of service
    • 100 guests - 4 hours of service
    • Total - $4,000.00

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