Casual Service Events

Originally designed to fill a gap between our To Go service, and our highly-involved Full Service, we've found that artfully displaying a spread of delicious food is a major strength of ours. Feeding anywhere between 40 and 150, we can bring just enough staff to cook, setup the food, take down the food display, and load out.

Photo by: Hazelwood Photo

Photo by: Hazelwood Photo

The Food

Locally sourced and sustainable food are two of our main goals. Our Casual Service menu is made up of many of the same items as our full service events with a focus on fresh and delicious food!

Take a look at our seasonal menus, to get an idea of the menu options. Once you get in touch with us, we'll check our availability, and we'll send you a quick questionnaire to gather some necessary info before sending over a quote for our services.

Spring: April & May

Early Summer: June & July

Late Summer: August & September

Fall: October & November

Winter: December - March

Breakfast & Brunch

We do offer some non alcoholic beverages with our casual service. If you’d like us to supply them, feel free to add them in the questionnaire we send! We’ll just need you to rent the dispensers and vessels for them.

Photo by: Bryan Rupp Photography

Photo by: Bryan Rupp Photography

The Display

To say we have an obsession with unique, vintage, and stylish pieces is an understatement. We're always on the lookout for a dish, board, or basket that blends with our eclectic style. All of these pieces we use are included in the cost - we don't charge a "rental fee" or anything.

When setting up the food, variety is key. An awesome blend of flavors, textures, colors, and items is what makes our food spread so special. There is something for everyone and it truly is a feast for the eyes! The more items and diversity you have, the more dynamic the display becomes!

Photo by: Velvet Owl Photography

Photo by: Velvet Owl Photography


When you book a Casual Service event with us, we'll staff 1-2 event attendants, and 1-2 cooks depending on the size of your event.

We arrive about 1.5 to 2 hours prior to guest arrival. This gives us adequate time to unload our setup items and food, locate where the food is to be displayed, and start staging and setting things up! During the event, our staff will be responsible for upkeep of the food, refilling items as necessary, keeping the display tidy and clearing plates from guests as needed. Once the event concludes, or meal service is complete - our staff will take down the food display, pack, and load our things. We're always careful about leaving the space cleaner than when we arrived!

Our staff has a reputation for being the most helpful crew in Portland. When we're through with our setup and have extra time or hands, we'll be glad to offer a helping hand wherever needed!

Photo by: Velvet Owl Photography

Photo by: Velvet Owl Photography


Other Items

Along with the above sections, we're glad to provide compostable plates, forks, and napkins. If your event is intended to be a bit fancier, we can make suggestions on where to rent ceramic plates and silverware! The Party Place is fantastic and make putting a rental order together quite easy!

We restrict Casual Service events to within 30 miles of downtown, Portland - this helps us ensure quality food and service from our staff!



Our Casual Service Event pricing is priced based on the menu selections you make! The food is individually priced per menu item, and after your selections are made, we'll create a quote that includes the staff and any other items needed. Contact us below for a quote!

I'm sure you have some questions!


What if I have less than 40 guests?

Our setup and display works best for 40 guests and larger. If you're event is only 25 or 30, we can still charge for and supply food for our minimum of 40, and we'll be glad to box up the leftovers for you at your event! You will be pleased with the presentation as well as the leftovers!

how far in advance can I book my event?

We book our Casual Service events up to six weeks in advance, if you’ve got more than six weeks before your event, take some time looking over our menus and reach out to us as we get closer.

I'm worried there won't be enough food to feed everyone!

We'll plan the quantities of food based on your guest count and order. We always budget around 10% overage in case there are some folks who eat a lot. We've catered hundreds of events and have our systems down pretty well for budgeting food quantities!

What if some of my guests have allergies, dietary restrictions, or food preferences?

Our suggestion would be to select menu items that will fit with many different dietary restrictions. Unfortunately, at this time, we don't do any custom menu items for casual service events.

Will you provide rentals with your service?

Since we do so many Casual Service events every week, we're counting on you to provide the rental items. We do require an 8 foot table or comparable size space for the buffet to be set on. Rentals items are pretty easy to set up and order and we can always make suggestions on different rental companies in the area. The Party Place is a fantastic resource!

Can we add bar service to our Casual Service Event?

When we start talking about bar service, things shift for us a bit into the Full Service realm (where we cover a lot of services and the price is significantly higher). If beverage service is what you're looking for, let us know and we'll check our availability for a bar and full service event. We will take great care of you!

How do I reserve you for my event?

If you've already contacted us and sent in your questionnaire, we'll send over a quote soon! When you receive that, you'll need to "accept" the quote, sign our simple contract, and pay a non-refundable deposit. That reserves our services for your date - and I wouldn't delay; our calendar fills up quite quickly! If you haven't yet contacted us for a quote - see below!