Casual Service Menu

Breakfast & Brunch

Breakfast SANDWICH - $6

Breakfast Sausage, Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese, House-Made Onion Jam, Egg, English Muffin


Chorizo and Potato Hash - $4.5

Olympia Provisions Smoked Chorizo, Sweet Potatoes, Peppers, Farm Parsley, Cilantro, Onions, Smoked Paprika


pork belly and New Potato hash - $4.5

House-Cured Pork Belly, New Potatoes, Peppers, Onions, Parsley, Dijon Mustard


Breakfast Farm Fruits- $3.5

Chef's Choice Seasonal Variety of Fruits


farm vegetable frittata - $3.5

Seasonal Farm Vegetables, Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Spinach, Herbs, Romesco


Ham and Cheese Frittata - $3.5

Breakfast Ham, Tillamook Cheddar Cheese, Spinach, Herbs, Romesco


Greek Yogurt Parfaits - $5

Tart Greek Yogurt, Seasonal Fruits, Nora's Kitchen Granola


Grand Central Assorted Pastries - $6

Seasonal Variety Selection of Grand Central's Best Pastries


SMoked Salmon and spielman Bagels - $7.25

House-Pastramified Salmon, Locally-Made Spielman Bagels, Seasonal Cream Cheese, Pickles, Toppings


Smoked Bacon and Breakfast links - $3.5

Roasted Smoked Bacon and Breakfast Sausage