Seasonal Table

Originally designed to fill a gap between our Drop Off service, and our highly-involved Full Service, we've found that artfully displaying a seasonal spread of food is a major strength of ours. Feeding anywhere between 50 and 1,000, we can scale our Seasonal Table for many different styles and sizes of events!

Photo by: Hazelwood Photo

Photo by: Hazelwood Photo

The Food

Locally sourced and sustainable food are two of our main goals. Our Seasonal Table is an incredible display of foods from local purveyors, farms, and house-made items!

While our Seasonal Table items change throughout the year, we have some staples that you can count on having. Our Table is always made up of:

Olympia Provisions, Chop, and House-Made Charcuterie
Pacific Northwest and Imported Soft and Hard Cheeses
Grand Central Artisan Breads
Farm-Sourced Crudite - Roasted and Marinated
House-Pickled Produce, Spiced Olives, and Roasted Nuts
Various Seasonal Dips, Toppings, and Spreads (tapenade, romesco, green goddess, mustards, bee local honey, house-made jams, etc)

We'll use your headcount to determine how much of everything to bring, and we'll always assume guests will have several bites. We'll also provide a few canapes from our menu to help round-out the meal with some fun flavors and bites!

Photo by: Bryan Rupp Photography

Photo by: Bryan Rupp Photography

The Display

To say we have an obsession with unique, vintage, and stylish pieces is an understatement. We're always on the lookout for a dish, board, or basket that blends with our eclectic style. All of these pieces we use are included in the cost - we don't charge a "rental fee" or anything.

When setting up the food, variety is key. An awesome blend of flavors, textures, colors, and items is what makes our Seasonal Table so special. There is something for everyone and it truly is a feast for the eyes! 

Photo by: Velvet Owl Photography

Photo by: Velvet Owl Photography


When you book a Seasonal Table event with us, we'll staff 1-2 event attendants depending on the size of your event.

We arrive about 1.5 to 2 hours prior to guest arrival. This gives us adequate time to unload our setup items and food, locate where the food is to be displayed, and start staging and setting things up! During the event, our staff will be responsible for upkeep of the food, refilling items as necessary, keeping the display tidy and clearing cocktail plates and napkins as needed. Once the event concludes, or meal service is complete - our staff will take down the food display, pack, and load our things. We're always careful about leaving the space cleaner than when we arrived!

Our staff has a reputation for being the most helpful crew in Portland. When we're through with our setup and have extra time or hands, we'll be glad to offer a helping hand wherever needed!

Photo by: Velvet Owl Photography

Photo by: Velvet Owl Photography


Other Items

Along with the above sections, we're glad to provide compostable cocktail plates, forks, and napkins. If your event is intended to be a bit fancier, we can provide china cocktail plates, matte silver cocktail forks, and paper napkins.

If your event is more than 30 miles from downtown, Portland - we have a small delivery fee to help cover fuel and extra travel time for our staff.



Our Seasonal Table pricing is all-inclusive and priced per guest: the food, the setup, the staff, the display pieces. We wanted to keep things simple for our clients, and this is one way for us to do that.

$18.50/guest covers all of those services, and the only other fees that may come up are the travel fee mentioned above, and sales tax if your event is held in Washington. Our Seasonal Table minimum is 50 guests - it's tricky for us to scale things down smaller than that.

I'm sure you have tons of questions!


What if I have less than 50 guests?

Our setup and display works best for 50 guests and larger. If you're event is only 30 or 40, we can still charge for and supply food for 50, and we'll be glad to box up the leftovers for you at your event! You will be pleased with the presentation as well as the leftovers!

I'm worried there won't be enough food to feed everyone!

Our Seasonal Table service is perfect for open-house style events, and cocktail parties. It's not really intended to be a full meal replacement. If you're looking for a full meal service, I'd recommend asking about hosting a Full Service event with us!

Can I add on meal items to make this service a nice full meal?

So sorry, but we don't allow add-ons and upgrades. Feel free to look at our Drop Off service as an alternative if you're looking to serve a full meal!

What if some of my guests have allergies, dietary restrictions, or food preferences?

The beauty of the Seasonal Table spread is that there is so much variety, everyone will be pleased!

Will you bring a table and linen as well for your display?

Since we do so many Seasonal Table events every week, we're counting on you to provide the setup space. Just an 8 foot table or comparable counter-top is perfect! Be sure to have a linen for that banquet table if it needs it; that is something we do not provide.

Can we add bar service to our Seasonal Table Event?

When we start talking about bar service, things shift for us a bit into the Full Service realm (where we cover a lot of services). If beverage service is what you're looking for, let us know and we'll shift gears and put you in touch with one of our Account Managers. We will take great care of you and would be glad to supply our Seasonal Table spread for a full service event!

How do I reserve you for my event?

If you've already contacted us, we'll send over a quote soon! When you receive that, you'll need to "accept" the quote, sign our simple contract, and pay a non-refundable 50% deposit. That reserves our services for your date - and I wouldn't delay; our calendar fills up quite quickly!

Have you already submitted an inquiry with us?

If so, we'll be in touch soon with a quote for your event!